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Threading takes us back to an ancient time during which wax was nonexistent. It is now seen to be the preferred method of hair removal as it is able to provide a sharp, clean and precise shape without the additional pain. The process is conducted using a small piece of antibacterial string. This string is twisted and used to pluck the hair from the desired location on one’s face or neck. The simplicity of this method allows for even the fine hairs to be removed without the use of harsh chemicals.

The skin on one’s face is both sensitive and thin when compared to other parts of the body. Constantly applying chemicals and other harsh products can further damage the skin resulting in an increased chance in developing wrinkles and extra sensitivity to the sun. Examples of common components used in hair removal methods include lavender, tea tree oil, chocolate, acai berries etc. Threading on the other hand does not use any additional products and therefore there is the reduced risk of developing allergic reactions of any sort.