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hair Spa

Hair spa is a hair pampering process that enhances the beauty, smoothness, and strength of our hair. And who doesn’t like that? Whether done at home or got it done from a salon, after a hair spa we get to see gorgeous results: healthy, lustrous hair

However, many times, these gorgeous results don’t last for long and we see our hair reverting to its previous state, losing its shine and smoothness. The reason could be that you didn’t take special care of your hair following the hair spa. To maintain your soft, smooth and silky hair after hair spa therapy, you have to take care of these do’s and don’ts after hair spa treatment.

Although it may feel good to wash your hair after a treatment, it depletes your hair’s natural moisture. This also lessens the nourishing effect of hair spa. Hence, it’s best not to wash your hair for at least 2-3 days to allow the hair spa’s nutrients to fully absorb.