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Keratin straightening

Keratin straightening uses a relatively new solution to straighten the hair called the Keratin Treatment. Your hair, skin and nails are made of keratin and just a few years ago scientists discovered how to break down keratin into its smaller amino acid compounds and were able to re-bind them to the hair, effectively repairing damaged hair with liquid hair.
Keratin treatments are not a permanent treatment and do not affect your hair’s disulphide bonds like chemical straightening (which is a good thing). It instead coats your hair and fills up the porosity (gaps) with keratin. It lasts on the hair between 4 and 6 months depending on the formula and the technical process followed when application occurred and how well you maintain it. 

Keratin treatments are considered the natural alternative when choosing a hair straightening system as they use chemicals which don’t damage your hair. They also give you the flexibility to style your hair and it slowly wears out of your hair over time.